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In need of HEROES

Heroes – Our kids need heroes!.  Now, I am not opposed to superheroes and I like Star Wars and all that (more than I am willing to admit as I bust out my Yoda talk), but they REALLY need realistic heroes that are doing things that last for eternity…

Missionary Heroes of the past:

LOVE the YWAM books on past missionaries and here are extra materials to support those readings:


Zach Hunter:  – now used at IJM ! fighting slavery

Austin Gutwein   fighting AIDS

Africrans by Amerikids  fighting slavery

Isabel  helping those with no shoes

also…   and

easy way for any kid to get involved:

There are so many AWESOME heroes for our kids – we don’t need superheroes – these heroes are doing amazing, sacrificial, counter-cultural, eternal things!

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Living what you preach

I usually just get used clothes. I believe in it, it is a better use of money, it is like a treasure hunt and so on. Learning more about slavery (and stores like Kohls, Walmart, etc) and the source of cotton has only continued this desire to buy used. However, last week, I saw a cute shirt on sale at Target that I just “couldn’t resist” at Target. I don’t know about Target’s clothing source so I pleaded ignorance. However, I know that Lukas has plenty of clothes. Just now – 5 minuted ago, I asked Lukas to put on his new shirt – thinking he’d be excited about its softness and coolness. Nope.

He was angry at me. He didn’t want it. He looked at me and said, “Mama, lots of kids in other countries have only the clothes they wear. I have more clothes then I can even fold and put in my drawers. I don’t want more clothes. I don’t need more clothes. Please don’t get me more clothes. Is this from Target?”

I had my head down ashamed and said, “Yes”.

He said, “I don’t want it – take it back”

Even though i assured him that we give our used clothes away, that 98% of his clothing comes from used sources (hand me downs, thrift stores, etc), I still feel sick that I convinced my kid to put on the shirt.

I taught him what he told me. I taught it to him because I know it is true…not just sources of slavery, but the use of our finances and the materialism of our culture. I feel like throwing up or bawling my eyes out. My child humbles me tonight because I don’t always live what I believe.

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