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The burden of knowing….

The burden of knowing....

It is hard to shop.
It is hard to learn about where things come from.

We haven’t had bananas in our home for a while because I haven’t been able to find fair wage bananas until recently in a tiny, organic farm store up the road from us. We haven’t had tomato products for quite a while until more stores have signed the Fair Wage act supporting abused immigrant tomato pickers in Florida. We’ve switched to fair trade coffee (that one was easy) and we’ve been vastly lacking in chocolate (though I’m impressed with Costco’s Kirkland Signature’s attempts in this area). BOOOOOOOO on all of it and so much, much more.

We just did a Walk for Water as a family. It was an event with my Women of Vision group, but it was a whole family affair. Though it mostly got rained out, all the education before didn’t. I knew this stuff, but it makes me mad again and again – the lies we’ve been told about bottled water. It is sick what it is doing to our world…polluting our environment and killing the poor by taking clean water from them. How dare we!….ALL that for water that is NOT cleaner than tap water.

The kids recently noticed that Fiji – the evilest of evils of all bottled water, was being sold at Trader Joe’s. We have written them a letter. Super sad on the bad call of Trader Joe’s on this one. Seems like such a justice issue to me – so gross and American to pay so much for water, when we already have it – only to take it away from a people in a country that don’t all have access to clean water.

Just sadness today with the complication of it all…and a letter to Trader Joe’s from me and letter’s from the kids.

No superman or supermom cape today. Just a silly pen and a prayer.

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