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31 Days for Random Acts of Kindness

1. Become a friend of international students at school
2. Chalk messages of love on paths or sidewalks
3. Visiting nursing homes with pets
4. Make activity packs for a children’s hospital
5. Decorate pots of flowers for a gift
6. Make cards for elderly or sick
7. Cookies for firefighters
8. Make toiletries bags for homeless
9. Pray around the world with a map or book
10. Lemonade stand for free on a bike path on a hot day
11. Gift for mail carrier
12. Send someone an anonymous pizza
13. Money in parking meters
14. Give up TV time to pray?
15. Wash someone else’s car
16. Give out flowers to strangers
17. Flashlight prayer walk
18. Call women’s shelter and bring a birthday cake for someone
19. Get well card/soup/tea for someone sick
20. Plant trees
21. Paint over graffiti (work with local police on this one)
22. Make a kit for new neighbors (coupons for local places, map, city calendar, plant, cookies)
23. Go to an elderly home and visit someone who is never visited
24. Do a food/toy/or clothes drive
25. Clean up trash in neighborhood or in a poor area
26. Help elderly neighbor with raking, weeding, shoveling
27. Make crafts that can sell for a worthy cause
28. Call someone up who may be lonely – spend time talking to them
29. Go through home – give unneeded items to someone
30. Go without normal purchases…pray through what one organization or person to give to
31. Buy coffee or ice cream for someone anonymously

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10 Ways to Teach Youth about Diseases that Most Impact the Poor

1.       Research Diseases that Kill People around the World. 

What percentage of kids between the ages of 0-5 die?

How many diseases come from water?  (see water link to teach more )

Have kids stand in line for a doctor…(give them each stories of what diseases they have, how long they walked to get there…then only half actually get to see the doctor for that 1 day he is in the village…the rest will have to wait until next month  he is in town, leaving several to likely die).  I have a handout here Health Line

2.       Malaria Resources

Nickles for Nets (Skeeter Tag is Great)

Free from Group (Comes with a net)

Stand 4 Kids

3.       Books about Maleria

Little Things Make Big Differences by John Nunes

4.      Books about HIV

I Know Someone with HIV/AIDS by Elizabeth Raum

Books by JAWS HIV/AIDS group

The Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis

5.       DVDs about HIV

Journey to Jamaa,

Beat the Drum

Angels in the Dust (for a little older audience)

6.       Pack caregiver packages

(or bandaid kids to send to missionaries)

7.       Learn about Missionaries who heal the sick in body and soul

Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone as a starter

Modern Day ones are abundant and you can write to them

8.       Stories of Youth Heroes

Hoops for Hope


9.       Books about Other Diseases

Not Forgotten by Cal Ainley

10.       GO!

Go international (you can’t catch HIV by touching/hugging…and you can take Malaria meds/other vaccinations)

Go local to an HIV hospice/home or to the hospital/nursing home nearby (big hospitals have a pediatric HIV unit…serve there)

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10 Ways to Teach Youth about Water

1.        Do a Walk for Water

We planned ours with many stations:

2.       Chart Water use/ Compare internationally (see if you can limit water use to what a person does in Africa or rural Asia)

3.       Research Diseases from Dirty Water / Deaths caused by them

4.       Stories of People who Walk for Water

5.       Resources Online:

6.       Learn about Bottled Water


7.       Books

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

I Walk for Water by Lindsey Andrews and Jerry Bennett 

8.       DVDs – Flow, Blue Gold, Tapped (all documentaries)

9.       Go where people don’t have clean water

Take a trip!…  at least virtually

10.   Stories of Youth Heroes

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10 Resources to Teach Youth about Hunger

1.       30 Hour Famine experience, resources, videos and games!  Feeling hunger (even if it is just a juice fast) and doing it with others!

2.       Do a Food Packing Event  – Pack food (rice/beans and more) for people internationally that are served by organizations and churches who follow up with them

3.       Rice and Beans Week….or Month  Save money and time, feel hunger,  gain perspective

4.       Play Games

5.       Resources to Teach:

6.       Search through trash for Food

Get clean recyclables and put food (pieces of paper that list what food or lack of food is found) in the pile of “trash”.  Have kids search for their food.  What did they find.  I have the papers already on file.  Get that here: HUNGER GAME

7.       Go where people are hungry – Homeless Shelters, Food Kitchens or on an international trip where one is quickly humbled by our food intake, options, etc

8.       Books  – Tight Times by Barbara Hazen, The Good Garden by Katie Milway, Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

9.       Stories of Youth Hungry 

The best ones are on the DVDs of the 30 hour famine


10.   Stories of Heroes (if the Justice League is doing it….us Christians ought to be more!)

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Inspired by a magazine’s challenge (…we decided as a family to do be intentional this summer about our activities…and not just the fun camps.  This is the structure we came up with, many things the kids would LOVE to have friends do with them.  Some things are events already going on that we are just going to join…some things we hope to come up with.  Please let me know if you’d like to be involved in any way (or if you decide to do something else…like a summer of random acts of kindness)…so we can all encourage one another privately or even on a public site.

Week of June 2nd – Focus: Immigrants

Give Items for Calvary Church’s Tag Sale (given then free to many poor & immigrants)

Teach ESL to local Muslim Family

Week of June 9th – Focus: Hunger

Kids Against Hunger Packing Event on the 15th

Collect and Organize for a local food shelter

Week of June 16th – Focus:  Family

Serve Extended and Close Family Members as needed

Send messages of Love to Family Members, praying for needs

Week of June 23rd – Focus: Persecuted Church

Make Parachuted Bibles/Radios for Columbia

Write letters to persecuted prisoners through Voice of the Martyrs

Week of June 30th – Focus:  Slavery

Stand for Freedom – Petition against slavery through IJM on 4th of July

Learn about current freedom issues and write an elected official

Week of July 7th – Focus:  Orphans

Make Bracelets/crafts to raise money for orphans

Collect clothes and toys for foster children

Week of July 14th – Focus:  Elderly

Craft Event at a nursing home

Make Cards and send to all Elderly people we know

Week of July 21st – Focus: Water

Teach About Dirty Water at a Community Event

Buy no drinks, only use tap water – give money to clean water

Week of July 28th – Focus:  Homelessness

Serve the Homeless

Make bags for a homeless shelter

Week of August 4th – Focus:  Creation

Pick up Trash on local trails

Visit local farms to find sources of products of humane animal treatment

Week of August 11th –Focus:  Cities

Loving the City – Volunteer in an urban ministry

Collect needed items for Urban Ministries

Week of August 18th –Focus:  Community

Make Cookies for Community Leaders/helpers (police/town officials/firemen/library)

Chalk Messages of Love on sidewalks

Week of August 25th – Focus:  Neighbors

Have a BBQ for Neighbors

Do a Prayer Walk through the neighborhood praying for neighbors

(This is our outline so far.  It could change or I could lose steam…but we won’t regret what we get to be a part of)

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