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25 Songs about Missions and Justice and Caring for the Poor

Kingdom Come, With Every Act of Love—Jason Gray

Banner of Love—Luminate

Live Like That—Sidewalk Prophets

God of This City—Chris Tomlin

We Are—Kari Jobe

Compassion—Rough Draft

I Will Go – Starfield

Tanzania—Alli Rogers

God of Justice—Tim Hughes

My Own Little World—Matthew West

Give Me Your Eyes—Brandon Heath

Micah 6:8, Chainbreaker—Charlie Hall

Daylight—Ten Shekel Shirt

I Saw What I Saw, Eyes on the Prize—Sara Groves

Gloria—Brenton Brown

Rise—Robbie Seay Band

Beautiful Things—Gungor

I Refuse—Josh Wilson

Instead of a Show—Jon Foreman

All the Poor and Powerless—All Sons and Daughters

God is Justice, God is Mercy—Dan Bursch

Missions Flame, Fill Us Up and Send Us Out—Matt Redman

If We are the Body, Until the Whole World Hears—Casting Crowns

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10 Resources to Teach Youth about Issues Against Girls and Women

1.       Movies – Girl Rising, select portions of Half the Sky, Beyond Borders (Afganistan story after 9-11)

2.       Books – Half the Sky (just portions) 

3.       Statistics –

4.       Videos – Youtubes

5.       Stories of Girls

6.       Issues – maternal health, violence, trafficking, education, child brides, abortion

7.       Stories of heroes

For older kids:

8.       Organizations advocating for or helping them – Women At Risk, Strong Women Strong World

if older girls:

9.     Pray

10.      Meet them!…go to the hard places (safely)…nothing like meeting these girls

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10 Resources to Teach about Child Labor and Slavery


  1. Learn about famous Abolitionists – Civil War (Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Beecher Stowe), Missionaries (Amy Carmichael)
  2. Books – Child Slavery in Modern Times, Iqbal,  and The Carpet Boy’s Gift
  3. Learn the Heart of God for Justice ( has great resources) reflection
  4. DVDs  Amazing Grace, Stolen Childhoods, resources (including RedCardKids section on Child Labor)
  5. Take a Stand – Red Hand Day – Child Soldiers and Stand For Freedom – IJM  Write your representatives about slavery issues   
  6. Youth Heroes – Zach Hunter, Africrans by Amerikids 
  7. Try some of the work – Break stone into gravel (rock quarries), Do yarn work for hours (in honor of the carpet industry), etc
  8. Research Organizations that are doing work – what kind of jobs do people have? – Police Officers, Lawyers, Counselors, etc – look at job openings – so they know that good people work to fight this and they could someday too professionally (and now in other ways)
  9. Learn about Youth Like Them in Slavery – Survivor Stories at: and
  10. Learn about Products – Coffee, Chocolate, Carpets, Rice, (even map out where toys and clothing is made) on a map or globe

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