Documentaries I recommend (though not all great for children viewing)

DVD Documentaries

Half the SkyLong, but really great at showing issues. It focuses on bringing in celebrities (knowing they have a strong voice) to these horrible issues facing women. Interesting to see how it affects them all differently, but it is the stories of the suffering (and often so strong) women that are amazing and horrifying and empowering (all of it).

Living on One Dollar – Four young men try to live on a dollar a day to better understand the global poor

Isaiah 58New DVD available through showing poverty and justice issues globally. Only mild things above young eye’s understanding. I was comfortable allowing my young children to see it and explaining some of the hard stuff in explainable, less-scary ways.

Walk to BeautifulStruggle of many women in Ethiopia.

Born into BrothelsStories of children born to prostitutes in India.

Beyond the Gates of SplendorDocumentary after “End of the Spear” movie of Jim Elliot and his fellow missionaries that lost their lives in order to give the gospel as well as the people who continued to minister to these tribal people of Ecuador. Powerful.

Mary and MarthaTwo women meet up who have lost their sons to Maleria while in Africa.  It sparks a transformational journey for them and those they want to help.

China’s Lost GirlsStories of orphan girls in China.

We Are TogetherStory of South Africa’s Agape Choir, beautiful film, pretty accessible to youth.

Beyond BeliefAbout two women who gave birth to two children after losing spouses to 9/11. They turned their grief into a way to actually minister to Afghanistan widows. It isn’t necessarily a Christian documentary, but convicting and inspiring nonetheless.

Angels in the DustAn orphanage started in South Africa for 500+ kids in response to AIDS crisis—gives lots of individual stories of kids—what they have been through.

Girl Rising—Inspiring and educational documentary on the challenges facing girls internationally.

Stuck—Documentary about International Adoption

Stolen Childhoods—Many different types of child slavery portrayed.

War DanceKids who suffered at the hands of the LRA in Uganda use dance as a source of healing and expression.

Emmanuel’s GiftInspiring true story of disabled orphan in Ghana, not giving up and changing lives around him.

Small VoicesDocumenting struggles of garbage dump children in Cambodia.

Lost Boys of Sudan and God Grew Tired of UsStories of boys who were in refugee camps most their lives and then brought to America.

Call and ResponseSlavery today.

Flesh and BloodWomen who take in medically complex foster kids.

Invisible ChildrenBoy soldiers.

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