Doing Missions in DAYS

Days on the calendar can create a rhythm in your home and a natural way to gather other families to serve with you. The keys are to:

  1. Only pick one day a month or you will get overwhelmed.
  2. Choose varying topics to cover different issues.
  3. See if there are local events on the day and serve together.
  4. Come up with an event or research, learn, and pray about it!
  5. Choose other days outside this list if an issue suits you better.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Civil Rights

Human Trafficking Awareness Day—January 11th

Genocide Remembrance Day—January 27th

World Leprosy Day—January 30th

Child Labor Day—January 31st


Freedom Day—February 1st

World Cancer Day—February 4th

World Day of the Sick—February 11th

St. Valentine’s Day—Love—February 14th


World Day of Prayer (1st Friday in March)

International Women’s Day—March 8th

St. Patrick’s Day—Missions—March 17th

World Water Day—March 22nd

Lent/Good Friday/Easter


Autism Awareness Day—April 2nd

International Orphans Day—April 11th

International Day of Street Children—April 22nd

Earth Day—April 22nd

World Malaria Day—April 25th


National Day of Prayer and Fasting—May 6th

World AIDS Orphan Day—May 7th

World Fair Trade Day—2nd Saturday in May

World Hunger Day—May 28th

Memorial Day—Last Monday in May


International Childrens’ Day—June 1st

International Day Against Child Abuse—June 4th

World Day Against Child Labor—June 12th

World Refugee Day—June 20th


Independence Day—July 4th

International Justice Day—July 17th


International Day of Indigenous People—August 9th

International Youth Day—August 12th

International Mourning Day—August 15th

International Day to Remember Abolition—August 23rd


International Literacy Day—September 8th

International Day of Peace—September 21st

International Day Against Human Trafficking—Sept. 23rd

World Clean Up Day—September 24th


International Day of the Elderly—October 1st

World Homelessness Day—October 10th

International Day of Mental Health—October 10th

International Day of the Girl—October 11th

Day of the Eradication of Poverty—October 17th


Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church—November 11th

Veteran’s Day—November 11th

Make a Difference Day—November 15th

National Adoption Day—November 17th


World AIDS Day—December 1st

International Day of the Disabled Person—December 3rd

St. Nicholas Day—Giving to Poor—December 6th

International Migrants Day—December 18th

Christmas—December 25th

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