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Giving MORE at Christmas

Gift Giving
Once again – I was reflecting on lots of things about gift giving for this holiday and then read something from Jen Hatmaker that was better said and even more what I wanted to live by….so…please read here:
However, in addition, I offer:

My thoughts:

I had to work at Barnes and Noble for my job (non-profits can wrap presents there in order to tell people about their organization and get donations), but it was actually one of the harder few hours. I watched people buying insane amounts of things and then rudely asking me to wrap them (while making comments about how they didn’t even care if it was a good present or not, they just had to get something…or the like) and then either giving a few coins, a dollar or usually no donation to foster children who will get little Christmas this year. So, my heart was sick…at the commercialism of Christmas – about the lie around me. I want to be free from it more than ever, yet I’m a gift giver. What do I do?

First off: We’ve started making gifts in our family – it has already started and the kids are already super excited about it – working hard on their projects for each person.

Secondly: We are trying to give gifts in honor of people. My favorite gift magazines (that also give you cards to give your recipient) are from World Vision, International Justice Mission, Compassion International, and Samaritan’s Purse.

Third: I confess I am only beginning this journey of fair trade. I am embarrassed that I know so very little about it all.  I have looked into the book The Better World Shopping Guide…which looks into the goods and evils of lots of companies (though not at all complete and not Christian – it is a nice little handbook on hand when I can get overwhelmed). If I am educated by my impact on the world…how I directly affect others:, then I have to respond. I’m more than ever grossed out by Walmart and Oriental Trading Company and others  But, besides choosing to vote with my dollars to NOT buy things at some places, I can buy gifts that are both fair trade and support issues I care about:
(Easiest issues to change buying habits are in chocolate:  and coffee)
Besides Jen’s list…I add:

Anti-trafficking products:

Resources from YWAM, Voice of the Martyrs, Compassion, World Vision (I have a wishlist a mile long from these things…as do my kids)

Also, – let us also not forget the ever green and thoughtful idea of giving used items – your favorite book, your child’s favorite toy – something you find at Goodwill that you know someone will love (I KNOW I’LL LOVE IT).

I have LONG WAY TO GO in all of this…but Baby Steps…(though the Lord is welcome to shove me once in a while).

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