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Do as I do, Not as I say

I grew up knowing  what my parents cared about.  I was a witness to their choices, interactions, desires and values, surely more than they realized.  My parents have told me with words what they value, but I honestly can’t remember what they said.  I CAN, however, tell you clearly what they value by what their actions showed me:

1 – My father values education and dreaming of doing great things.  He has a pretty good salary, but you wouldn’t know it by the car he drives or clothes he wears – he put his money in his kids’ and grandkids’ education and opportunities.  I knew my father never valued “things” particularly because of how he used his money (or didn’t use it).  My father believes in sacrificing for others.  He never considered anything of his out of reach to his children.  His car, his computer, anything was up for use for anyone that needed to use it.  He never said some grand statement of “what is mine is yours”.  I just saw him live it.  I learned how to have an open, sharing home because of my father.

2 – My mother was very wise with money and even though we had money, we went to thrift stores for clothes and my mother cut coupons for groceries.  She didn’t like waste.  I grew up knowing that she thought waste (as even a tiny portion of food could go in Tupperware), was wrong.  I also knew that my mother cared about the practical needs of others.  She never actually said, “we must clothe all needy kids in our area”. I know she cared for practical needs because of how she spent her time.  She didn’t watch soap operas or take up a million hobbies for her own self esteem, she spends much of her days sorting, washing, and giving donated clothing to needy children from every public school in the county she lives in.  I also know my mother cares about practical needs because when someone comes over, she makes them meals, cleans up for them, and will make sure they are taken care of.  She never formally taught this, but I do many things she does simply because I saw her serving others.

I’ve never been more aware in my life that it is my life’s actions, and not my words that will truly dictate what my children believe.  I, of course, seek to give words to the actions…to affirm them, empower them, ask them questions, and explain things to them.

I am proud to learn from friends around me who live so much of this out.  It is a privilege to see their kids as little Mini-Me’s behind them.  My friend Megan’s kids run in the Justice Run with her…because that is what mommy does (along with other caring actions of sorting through clothes for refugees and packing care-packages to Africa).  My friend Christi’s kids started Africrans  – a business of recycling old crayons into new ones and using the money to free slaves.  We shouldn’t be surprised that their mom’s heart is broken for the poor and oppressed and that she is an artist.  I have many friends whose kids gave up birthday presents to collect for other non-profits.  Again, I can look to the parents and see that they too, are extremely generous and not into materialism.

May we all be aware more and more each day of the eyes watching us.  I don’t want to care about the eyes of my own peers, but the eyes of my children as they model what I do, and not what I say.  Let our actions be the melody of our words – inviting our children to indeed, sing along.

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In need of HEROES

Heroes – Our kids need heroes!.  Now, I am not opposed to superheroes and I like Star Wars and all that (more than I am willing to admit as I bust out my Yoda talk), but they REALLY need realistic heroes that are doing things that last for eternity…

Missionary Heroes of the past:

LOVE the YWAM books on past missionaries and here are extra materials to support those readings:


Zach Hunter:  – now used at IJM ! fighting slavery

Austin Gutwein   fighting AIDS

Africrans by Amerikids  fighting slavery

Isabel  helping those with no shoes

also…   and

easy way for any kid to get involved:

There are so many AWESOME heroes for our kids – we don’t need superheroes – these heroes are doing amazing, sacrificial, counter-cultural, eternal things!

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