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Compassionate Spending and Gift Giving

I hope to add SO SO SO much more to this list, but I needed to start it (and I welcome input):

First of all, we can all do a lot to buy used, thus not spending as much so that we might give more in other ways AND not create more waste.  However, if you love giving gifts like me, gift giving is inevitable.

Gift Catalogs from non-profits are awesome – at Christmas time, at birthdays, and at the end of the school year.  Does a teacher need another mug….or would a gift to education in a third world country in their name be more meaningful?  Giving our children the opportunity to pick out a gift from a gift catalog is a gift to the recipient and them.

My favs so far:  GIFT catalog at World Vision – you can order personalized cards that are beautiful and meaningful International Justice Mission – You can give toward a rescue mission or an aftercare pack for girls just rescued or so so much more

Other cool sites:  Jewelry made by girls as an alternative to the sex trade  Buy jewelry made in Uganda to support Amazima ministry (Kisses from Katie) Buy krochet items as a sustainable income for families in developing countries ONE store – not just t-shirt – an amazing feed bag that purchases food for others and is a cool tote bag Products raising awareness of AIDS Fashion clothing that is fair trade with Africa Clothing spreading awareness for orphans World Vision Apparel and Accessories Awesome shirts  Necklaces and clothing that supports and adovcates for the 147 Million orphans and  and

Fair trade retailers of amazing projects around the world – Asian and African jewelry, ornaments from Bethlehem, & instruments! Some fair trade, some global girlfriend – each purchase gifts food to the hungry Advocating for Sex Trafficking

I know there is more, but that’s it for now.

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LIST – Organizations I give my money, business and attention too  – Amazing relief and community development organization.  Sponsorship is its base.  I got to see it in action in Africa.  INCREDIBLE money use.   Making extraordinary Christian leaders around the world. – Women who volunteer and advocate for World Vision.  Making incredible differences together. – Bringing justice to slavery victims and starting prosecution in countries where things like rape of a child has never been prosecuted. – Amazing links and stories from the persecuted church globally.  You can sign up for magazine for kids to hear stories of brave kids standing up for their faith and ministering to others to bring them the gospel. – Another great community development organization.  I got my first sponsored child here in college.  Think very highly of them. – A great website full of trusted links, information about ways to help orphans globally from adoption, advocacy, foster care, gifts, etc – Links/Education for raising families with mission hearts. – AWESOME links and blogs about different mission info, esp for families, kids. – sex trafficking blog site for people to collaborate ideas.  Named after a child in Cambodia “number 146” who was seen in a line up to be “rented” for a quick rape while she watched cartoons. – Started by good friends of mine.  Educating kids/families in slumbs of Kenya.  Named after one of their children born in Kenya when they served there.

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