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31 Days for Random Acts of Kindness

1. Become a friend of international students at school
2. Chalk messages of love on paths or sidewalks
3. Visiting nursing homes with pets
4. Make activity packs for a children’s hospital
5. Decorate pots of flowers for a gift
6. Make cards for elderly or sick
7. Cookies for firefighters
8. Make toiletries bags for homeless
9. Pray around the world with a map or book
10. Lemonade stand for free on a bike path on a hot day
11. Gift for mail carrier
12. Send someone an anonymous pizza
13. Money in parking meters
14. Give up TV time to pray?
15. Wash someone else’s car
16. Give out flowers to strangers
17. Flashlight prayer walk
18. Call women’s shelter and bring a birthday cake for someone
19. Get well card/soup/tea for someone sick
20. Plant trees
21. Paint over graffiti (work with local police on this one)
22. Make a kit for new neighbors (coupons for local places, map, city calendar, plant, cookies)
23. Go to an elderly home and visit someone who is never visited
24. Do a food/toy/or clothes drive
25. Clean up trash in neighborhood or in a poor area
26. Help elderly neighbor with raking, weeding, shoveling
27. Make crafts that can sell for a worthy cause
28. Call someone up who may be lonely – spend time talking to them
29. Go through home – give unneeded items to someone
30. Go without normal purchases…pray through what one organization or person to give to
31. Buy coffee or ice cream for someone anonymously

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