DVDs with Missions/Global Themes

DVD Movies

Trade of InnocentsThe most approachable (for the widest audience) movie on sex trafficking I’ve ever seen. Still hard to watch, but redemptive and shows both international and domestic issues.

The Good LIe – Reece WItherspoon in a movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan

Blood DiamondsRevealing the very real, disgusting cost of most commercialized diamonds: child soldiers, exploitation, and war.

HollyStory of one girl in Cambodia stuck in sex trafficking.

Children of HeavenAppropriate for younger viewers, though if I recall it has subtitles. Two poor children trying to get a new pair of shoes in the Middle East. Really sweet film.

The TradeSex trafficking: though hard to see, doesn’t show too much and is somewhat redemptive.

Kite RunnerBased off a best-seller. Really important to see life in the Middle East, but some difficult scenes.

End of the SpearBased on the famous story of Jim Elliott and his fellow missionaries, passion, and death while serving a tribe in Ecuador.

Pursuit of HappynessBeautiful movie of man who is trying to make a better life for himself and his son. They are briefly homeless while he is trying to get a job as a stockbroker. True story.

Searching for Antwone FisherMan dealing with his past abuse and loss as a foster child. There is a level of beautiful redemption in this movie.

Tears of the SunRescue operation of some missionaries and the effect of seeing the struggles of people in a war-torn country. Really an excellent film of people moving from seeing Africans as others to people they care about.

CrashHard to watch, but shows that there are prejudices everywhere. Also shows a lot of different poverty, race, and trafficking issues in America.

Temple GrandinAbout a woman with autism. Very insightful and beautiful.

RadioCaring and standing up for a mentally disabled boy who wants to help on a football team. Some powerful scenes.

The Killing FieldsAbout the genocide in Cambodia. Horrifically hard to watch, but true and so important to know the background of Cambodia.

Slumdog MillionaireA boy’s winning streak on a TV show is tracked through his hard life’s events in India.

Constant GardenerA mystery/action movie that uncovers a dirty secret of a company in Kenya.

Faith Like PotatoesTrue story of a South African farmer. Beautiful.

Maria Full of GraceWoman caught in Colombia drug war. Not easy viewing.

Reign Over MeAftermath of a man’s life after losing his kids and wife to the 9/11 tragedy.

AmistadShows some of the horrors of the American slave trade during a mutiny on a slave ship in 1800s. Graphic.

Amazing GraceAmazing story of William Wilberforce, among other abolitionists, working to end the slave trade in 1800s.

The VisitorOne man is changed by his interactions with some illegal immigrants.

Beyond the GatesCatholic school is used as a place of refuge for Rwandan Tutsis during the genocide. Some faith questions. It shows the genocide and death while showing minimal actual killings. Well done movie, but tragic.

Under the Same MoonLittle boy tries to sneak to America to get to his mother, only barely shows all the horrors that could have happened. Beautiful movie.

BellaAmazing movie of redemption. Gentle approach against abortion.

Beyond BordersSome pretty incredible landscape, eye-opening scenes of poverty and war in this film.

Journey to Jamaa—Short film on poverty and sponsorship.  Free online through World Vision.

Not Without My Daughter—Sally Fields stars in a movie that reveals darker part of some Muslim womens’ lives

Soul SurferGreat faith, true story, but key is how her perspective changed when she visited the poor after the tsunami. Good for young eyes.

The Blind SideA rich white family is changed when they meet a kind boy who was lost in the cracks of society. True story of football player.

Ultimate GiftRich, selfish man gets a chance at a new life through a series of tests to get an inheritance.

Tsunami: The Aftermath—Helps a person understand what the tsunami in Thailand of 2004 was like.

Grace CardA cop, whose child was killed by a black drug dealer, is teamed with a black partner and deals with his racism and bad family life. Faith and redemption.

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Update: Family and Children Teaching Resources

Children’s Resources

Voice of the Martyrs Torchlighters DVDs

YWAM Missionary Biography Books, International Adventure Series and downloads

Lightkeepers Series Books

Trailblazer Series Books

Reel Kid Adventures books

Brickman Adventures Audio Stories

10/40 VBS Materials

WMU—Missions Magazines for Kids, Family Mission Trips



Voice of the Martyrs

Regulard Baptist Press

10/40 Window



Websites with extra resources

World Vision



Justice Kids

Stand Up For Kids/Pioneers

Harvest Ministry

Kids of Courage—Bold Believer Series


YWAM—Mission opportunities/Training

Perspectives Journey

One Mission Kids

My Passport to India


SIM Kids

OM New Zealand


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25 Songs about Missions and Justice and Caring for the Poor

Kingdom Come, With Every Act of Love—Jason Gray

Banner of Love—Luminate

Live Like That—Sidewalk Prophets

God of This City—Chris Tomlin

We Are—Kari Jobe

Compassion—Rough Draft

I Will Go – Starfield

Tanzania—Alli Rogers

God of Justice—Tim Hughes

My Own Little World—Matthew West

Give Me Your Eyes—Brandon Heath

Micah 6:8, Chainbreaker—Charlie Hall

Daylight—Ten Shekel Shirt

I Saw What I Saw, Eyes on the Prize—Sara Groves

Gloria—Brenton Brown

Rise—Robbie Seay Band

Beautiful Things—Gungor

I Refuse—Josh Wilson

Instead of a Show—Jon Foreman

All the Poor and Powerless—All Sons and Daughters

God is Justice, God is Mercy—Dan Bursch

Missions Flame, Fill Us Up and Send Us Out—Matt Redman

If We are the Body, Until the Whole World Hears—Casting Crowns

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10 Resources to Teach Youth about Issues Against Girls and Women

1.       Movies – Girl Rising, select portions of Half the Sky, Beyond Borders (Afganistan story after 9-11)

2.       Books – Half the Sky (just portions) 

3.       Statistics – http://dayofthegirl.org/girls-denied-education-worldwide/


4.       Videos – Youtubes



5.       Stories of Girls



6.       Issues – maternal health, violence, trafficking, education, child brides, abortion


7.       Stories of heroes


For older kids:  http://www.womenforwomen.org/news-women-for-women/global-hotspots.php

8.       Organizations advocating for or helping them – Women At Risk http://warinternational.org/, Strong Women Strong World http://strongwomenstrongworld.org/

if older girls: http://www.womenoffaith.com/2013/06/free-the-girls/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily&utm_term=email&utm_campaign=FreetheGirls&utm_content=20130610

9.     Pray  http://www.worldvision.org/news/july-prayer-focus-pray-women-and-girls

10.      Meet them!…go to the hard places (safely)…nothing like meeting these girls

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10 Resources to Teach about Child Labor and Slavery


  1. Learn about famous Abolitionists – Civil War (Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Beecher Stowe), Missionaries (Amy Carmichael)
  2. Books – Child Slavery in Modern Times, Iqbal,  and The Carpet Boy’s Gift
  3. Learn the Heart of God for Justice (http://www.justicekids.org/ has great resources) http://aheartforjustice.com/2010/03/08/gods-heart-for-justice/ reflection
  4. DVDs  Amazing Grace, Stolen Childhoods, http://www.stand4kids.org resources (including RedCardKids section on Child Labor)
  5. Take a Stand – Red Hand Day – Child Soldiers http://www.redhandday.org/index.php?id=5&L=0 and Stand For Freedom – IJM http://www.ijm.org/stand/  Write your representatives about slavery issues http://freedomcommons.ijm.org/   
  6. Youth Heroes – Zach Hunter http://www.zachhunter.me/#/loosechange2loosenchains/history, Africrans by Amerikids www.africrans.com 
  7. Try some of the work – Break stone into gravel (rock quarries), Do yarn work for hours (in honor of the carpet industry), etc
  8. Research Organizations that are doing work – what kind of jobs do people have? – Police Officers, Lawyers, Counselors, etc – look at job openings – so they know that good people work to fight this and they could someday too professionally (and now in other ways)
  9. Learn about Youth Like Them in Slavery – Survivor Stories at: https://www.freetheslaves.net/SSLPage.aspx?pid=386 and http://www.ijm.org/resources
  10. Learn about Products – Coffee, Chocolate, Carpets, Rice, (even map out where toys and clothing is made) on a map or globe

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31 Days for Random Acts of Kindness

1. Become a friend of international students at school
2. Chalk messages of love on paths or sidewalks
3. Visiting nursing homes with pets
4. Make activity packs for a children’s hospital
5. Decorate pots of flowers for a gift
6. Make cards for elderly or sick
7. Cookies for firefighters
8. Make toiletries bags for homeless
9. Pray around the world with a map or book
10. Lemonade stand for free on a bike path on a hot day
11. Gift for mail carrier
12. Send someone an anonymous pizza
13. Money in parking meters
14. Give up TV time to pray?
15. Wash someone else’s car
16. Give out flowers to strangers
17. Flashlight prayer walk
18. Call women’s shelter and bring a birthday cake for someone
19. Get well card/soup/tea for someone sick
20. Plant trees
21. Paint over graffiti (work with local police on this one)
22. Make a kit for new neighbors (coupons for local places, map, city calendar, plant, cookies)
23. Go to an elderly home and visit someone who is never visited
24. Do a food/toy/or clothes drive
25. Clean up trash in neighborhood or in a poor area
26. Help elderly neighbor with raking, weeding, shoveling
27. Make crafts that can sell for a worthy cause
28. Call someone up who may be lonely – spend time talking to them
29. Go through home – give unneeded items to someone
30. Go without normal purchases…pray through what one organization or person to give to
31. Buy coffee or ice cream for someone anonymously

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10 Ways to Teach Youth about Diseases that Most Impact the Poor

1.       Research Diseases that Kill People around the World. 

What percentage of kids between the ages of 0-5 die? http://www.worldvision.org/m/display/surviveToFive/index.html

How many diseases come from water?  (see water link to teach more ) http://kidswithaglobalvision.com/2013/06/14/10-ways-to-teach-youth-about-water/

Have kids stand in line for a doctor…(give them each stories of what diseases they have, how long they walked to get there…then only half actually get to see the doctor for that 1 day he is in the village…the rest will have to wait until next month  he is in town, leaving several to likely die).  I have a handout here Health Line

2.       Malaria Resources

Nickles for Nets http://www.sweetsleep.org/getinvolved/nickelsfornets.html (Skeeter Tag is Great)

Free from Group  http://www.group.com/malaria (Comes with a net)

Stand 4 Kids http://www.stand4kids.org/dl/index.php/social-justice/mosquito-beware-how-bednets-help-prevent-malaria.html

3.       Books about Maleria

Little Things Make Big Differences by John Nunes

4.      Books about HIV

I Know Someone with HIV/AIDS by Elizabeth Raum

Books by JAWS HIV/AIDS group

The Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis

5.       DVDs about HIV

Journey to Jamaa,

Beat the Drum

Angels in the Dust (for a little older audience)

6.       Pack caregiver packages


(or bandaid kids to send to missionaries)

7.       Learn about Missionaries who heal the sick in body and soul

Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone as a starter

Modern Day ones are abundant and you can write to them

8.       Stories of Youth Heroes

Hoops for Hope http://www.hoopsofhope.org/how-it-all-started/

Elise http://www.compassion.com/kids-magazine/compassionate-kids.htm

9.       Books about Other Diseases

Not Forgotten by Cal Ainley

10.       GO!

Go international (you can’t catch HIV by touching/hugging…and you can take Malaria meds/other vaccinations)

Go local to an HIV hospice/home or to the hospital/nursing home nearby (big hospitals have a pediatric HIV unit…serve there)

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