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10 Ways to Teach Youth about Diseases that Most Impact the Poor

1.       Research Diseases that Kill People around the World. 

What percentage of kids between the ages of 0-5 die?

How many diseases come from water?  (see water link to teach more )

Have kids stand in line for a doctor…(give them each stories of what diseases they have, how long they walked to get there…then only half actually get to see the doctor for that 1 day he is in the village…the rest will have to wait until next month  he is in town, leaving several to likely die).  I have a handout here Health Line

2.       Malaria Resources

Nickles for Nets (Skeeter Tag is Great)

Free from Group (Comes with a net)

Stand 4 Kids

3.       Books about Maleria

Little Things Make Big Differences by John Nunes

4.      Books about HIV

I Know Someone with HIV/AIDS by Elizabeth Raum

Books by JAWS HIV/AIDS group

The Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis

5.       DVDs about HIV

Journey to Jamaa,

Beat the Drum

Angels in the Dust (for a little older audience)

6.       Pack caregiver packages

(or bandaid kids to send to missionaries)

7.       Learn about Missionaries who heal the sick in body and soul

Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone as a starter

Modern Day ones are abundant and you can write to them

8.       Stories of Youth Heroes

Hoops for Hope


9.       Books about Other Diseases

Not Forgotten by Cal Ainley

10.       GO!

Go international (you can’t catch HIV by touching/hugging…and you can take Malaria meds/other vaccinations)

Go local to an HIV hospice/home or to the hospital/nursing home nearby (big hospitals have a pediatric HIV unit…serve there)

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